First Tisza River Sub-basin Level Dialogue in the GoNEXUS Project

First Tisza River Sub-basin Level Dialogue in the GoNEXUS Project

The European Commission has funded the research project called GoNEXUS Innovative tools and solutions for governing the water-energy-food ecosystems nexus under global change that officially started on 1st June 2021. Over the next four years, GoNEXUS will conduct research to help rebalance the nexus between water, food, energy and ecosystems (WEFE). The GoNEXUS novel approach combines advanced modelling on global, river basin and local scales with a participatory approach, bringing together a broad range of stakeholders from different sectors in the organized nexus dialogues. The GoNEXUS project will conduct 8 case studies, including one of them in the Danube River Basin with the aim to develop a toolbox to demonstrate the viability of solutions for the identified challenges. (More information about the project can be found at: https://gonexus.eu/ ).

As a relevant stakeholder in the Tisza River Basin you are aware that with crossing 5 states and serving about 14 million inhabitants, this basin faces WEFE nexus issues and trade-offs including hydro-power, agricultural development and environmental protection. The first dialogue focuses on discussing and validating the specific nexus challenge(s) that will be assessed in GoNEXUS and on developing a common understanding of these nexus challenges in the basin as well as the driving factors and trade-offs of these nexus challenges at different scales.

The meeting will take place at the Middle Tisza District Water Directorate (Közép-Tisza-vidéki Vízügyi Igazgatóság - KÖTIVIZIG), in Szolnok, Hungary. The meeting will be an in-person participation type with an online option as well. Logistical and further background information will be provided to stakeholders who confirm their participation via registration.

Picture right corner by Erika Varga via Pixabay

Wed., November 23, 2022 9:00-13:00

Middle Tisza District Water Directorate
Verseghy út 1

Hybrid - Szolnok (HU)

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